Start vaping in 5 easy steps, the beginners’ guide.

You may want to start vaping as a complete beginner or may have used ecig before and decide to switch from smoking to vaping. Whether you are a complete beginner or a smoker, there are starting beginner steps you need to know so as to get more out of vaping.

The 5 Steps.

  • Decide the experience you want from vaping.

This is the first step when you choose to start vaping. Different vaping devices will give you different experiences. You may want a pocket-friendly device that no one will notice or you may want an experience whereby everyone sees you with a big cloud of smoke. You may want an experience with a variety of flavors or you may want to use one flavor. The experience you want also includes the nicotine satisfaction you want.

  • Decide the device that fits you best.

After you decide the experience you want to get from vaping, you can now choose a device which will ensure you get the experience you want. If the experience you want is for high nicotine satisfaction, you can use a device that uses coil or wink with high resistance as the heating element. You can also use a device with e-liquid that has a high nicotine content. These are suitable for secretly smoking and do not produce a lot of smoke. For low nicotine content go for a device with coil or wink of low resistance. If you want to smoke and produce a lot of clouds of smoke, choose a device that does that. However, devices that produce a lot of smoke mainly have a lower nicotine content and the battery has a lower lifespan.

  • Decide the e-juice you want.

The vape juice you buy is dependent on the device you chose. If you chose a large device that emits a lot of smoke and has a coil with low resistance, you will have to go for e-liquid with a low nicotine content. This is because the large device produces large vapors with more nicotine. If you chose a small device with a high resistance coil, you have to choose an e-liquid with a higher nicotine content. Apart from that, you have to decide the flavor of vape liquid you want. You can mix different flavors. More explained in this post:

  • Get all the necessary parts of the device.

The next part is to ensure you have the right parts of your device. The coil, the battery and the mouthpiece. You can also get spares for the parts for an emergency since the parts can get damaged or malfunction at times.

  • Go through the instruction on the device and the e-liquid used.

Many people may ignore this step. However, it is very important to read the instructions carefully so as to get the satisfaction you wanted to obtain from vaping.

You have to follow the above five easy steps as a beginner in vaping. This will ensure you get more satisfaction in vaping than using ecig.